Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THIS ISN'T THE LIFE I SIGNED UP FOR . . but I'm Finding Hope and Healing by Donna Partow

I appreciated the authors humour and honesty as she wrote this book. At times we all face things in life we "didn't sign up for" in life and Donna Partow looks at many challenges of life and how we can approach them with hope and not despair. She is funny, yet deals with some harsh realities of life and how to overcome them with healing and hope. I liked the way she finished up her book in the final chapter the best where she hit the nail on the head, God just wants us to be faithful to Him through all situations we encounter. I will close my review with one of her many quotes she highlights throughout her book, "Our most powerful opportunities for ministry are often borne out of our mistakes, out of our brokenness, out of those things in our lives that we didn't sign up for." Donna Partow is an author I enjoy reading and she helps me think through situations in a very practical yet biblical way.

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