Friday, June 17, 2011


This was a good historical story around the hills of Kentucke around 1777. It showed the harsh realities of living at a time when you never knew if and when the Shawnee would attack and kill. Lael Click's family was one of the first to settle in this part of the country and the more you read, the more you will learn about the history and heartache of their family. Lael finds herself in love with three VERY different men throughout this story and she must come to terms as to which man is the one she will give her heart to.

The story will span several years, and Lael will be taken from her home in Kentucke, but she will find her way back to the wild beauty of frontier life, with its dangers, hardships and courageous folks who struggled to survive. You will grow to love and understand Lael and at times really wonder which man she will give herself to. If you want a look back in history and enjoy a little romance along the way, then you will thoroughly enjoy this novel. This is not a fast-paced quick read, but well worth the time you put into it.

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