Sunday, June 19, 2011

A LADY LIKE SARAH by Margaret Brownley

This is the second book I have read by Margaret Brownley and she writes a story I really enjoy reading. Her writing style reminds me somewhat of Mary Connealy's style of writing. This story is filled with "laughter, mishaps and adventures" as the back of the book cover states. This was the first story in the Rocky Creek Romance series. I had already read book #3 in this series and not having read them in order was not a big deal.

The author has a way of catching your interest quickly, within the first few pages. In this story you find Justin Wells, a preacher who has left Boston for the tough country in Texas. He meets up with two people near death, a U.S. Marshal who is handcuffed to a redheaded outlaw being taken to Texas to hang. As Justin works to get this "lady" to Texas you find yourself falling in love with both of them. Sarah is such an open, outspoken "outlaw" who finds herself caring for someone for the first time in her life. And Justin is trying so hard to not care too deeply for Sarah. The interaction throughout this story kept me smiling for most of my way through this story. What can I say other than this is a very enjoyable read. Can't wait to read book #2 in this series soon!

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Sherry Kuhn said...

I see you liked the book! Good review.