Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A VISION OF LUCY by Margaret Brownley

A rollicking, delightful adventure, but also a look at the cruelties in life and how it can have lasting affects on people. The beginning pages start right off with the amazing predicaments Lucy is forever finding herself in. She wants so much to be a photograher who is taken seriously, but everyone from her Dad to the town newspaper editor doesn't give her any hope. When she finds herself in just the right spot for taking pictures of a stage hold-up she thinks she has hit success. but things just don't seem to ever go right for Lucy. She meets up with David Wolfe, a man the town folks think is a "wild man" and she is determined to prove the people wrong, but she only ends up making matters worse for David. (You will love the way he gets her to stop talking!)

Then you find yourself trying to unravel the mystery of David's past and how it intertwines with 4 of the prominent men in town. There is laughter and delight all through the story, but also sadness and mystery and intrigue. It was a story that caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me guessing about how it would end. I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this story and look forward to reading the other two stories in this series. I want to thank BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me this story for review.

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