Friday, September 9, 2011

AMANDA by Debra White Smith

If you liked the movie, "Emma", and I did, then you are going to really enjoy this more modern version of the same story (and someday I hope to read the book, "Emma" by Jane Austen). Amanda Priebe is a great friend to her secretary, Haley, and only wants the best for her and she feels she needs to help her find her perfect match. Amanda has great intentions, but is clueless on men in general and their intentions.

Nate Knighton has been Amanda's best friend, and visa versa, for years and their ability to "banter" back and forth with each other is cute, but Nate suddenly realizes his feelings for Amanda go much deeper and he has fallen in love with someone who only seems to see him as a "big brother". I loved the thought process the author shared with us on Nate. He was a man struggling to overcome feelings that he could not get under control, as hard as he might try.

This was an endearing story to read and brought a smile to my face. It was lighthearted story with a message of "all things working together for good" even when we sometimes try to "fix" the problem ourselves, instead of waiting on the Lord's timing.

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