Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This was a lighthearted story that dealt with a difficult issue, set in the small town of Wileyville, Kentucky. There are 3 sisters involved in this story and their "quirkie" father who no one can seem to keep track of and who is forever "making a name for himself" in this small town. The sister in this story is Sadie, who is finding herself in a real "slump" and doesn't know how to get out of it. She is trying to keep her family functioning, get along with her sisters and try to handle her Dad. And in the process trying to learn that, "God sees the bigger picture. And if her prayers are not answered as fast or as fully as she wants, that doesn't mean God isn't listening." Sadie sees herself as many of us sometimes do, which is why we can all relate to her at times in this story. She sees herself as ". . . flawed. A great big bundle of unresolved issues and complaints and confusion and bad habits and big hips and a smart mouth and...and...enough faith to remember that You love me anyway." I had to laugh at this family at times, but also tried to understand Sadie and cheer her on to a better mental health attitude. The whole issue of post-postpartum depression was something I did not totally understand how devastating it can be for some women and you will find out in this story just how far reaching this was in this family.

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