Saturday, September 17, 2011

A RIVER TO CROSS by Yvonne Harrie

This was a really enjoyable western romance with alot of action and adventure taking place in the Rio Grande of Texas. I was instantly attracted to the book just by the cover alone and the title of the book, after reading it, was very appropriately named. I always enjoy reading about the Texas Rangers and the job they do and Texas Ranger Jake Nelson was one likeable guy. He had a job to do and was focused, but he also had a heart of gold and when he went after Elizabeth Evan's to rescue her, he finds himself smitten.

The beginning pages finds you experiencing a battle, a killing and a kidnapping by Mexican renegades who have crossed the river into El Paso. Jake finds himself crossing into Mexico to save Elizabeth and get her back across the border alive. There was never a dull moment in this story and it had its fast-action moments and its slow and easy times also; and it always kept me interested and enjoying myself. Yvonne Harris is good at catching your attention and holding it and makes you come away glad that you took to the time to immerse yourself in another story and enjoy yourself all the way through.

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