Sunday, September 25, 2011

BETRAYED by J.M. Windle

This story will take you deep into the heart of Guatemala. You will feel like you are walking the streets of Guatemala City and journeying into the jungles of this vast and dangerous, but beautiful country.

Vicki Andrews finds herself landing in Gautemala City to do her job working for Children at Risk Foundation, researching a children's home there in the city. She meets up with her sister, Holly, who is also working in the country with the Wildlife Rescue Center deep in the "cloud forest" of Gautemala. When Vicki finds her sister left for dead in the city's large "garbage dump" she sets out to finds out why and who is responsible. There were more questions than answers and Vicki has a hard time figuring out who she can really trust. There is alot of intrigue and mystery; there is killing and fear among many. And what Vicki uncovers about the parents she cannot remember is very heartwarming. I found myself at times wondering who the bad guys really were and near the end I couldn't read fast enough to see how the fast action scenario was going to play out.

It is also a story about having to put your faith in "Someone far greater and better that yourself to be in charge of this universe and its outcome". Vicki must come to terms with her thinking: "It's not that I don't see the good and the beauty. It's just that I see so much more ugliness and suffering and pain and killing. I just. . . can't understand a God who could create someting so unbelievably beautiful and let the bad guys win." She will discover in the end that even though she couldn't see God and didn't want to believe in Him, He was still there and caring and loving her. And that she really could trust her heart to the one man who helped her see the real truth.
This book caught my attention at the very beginning and with all the action and intrigue kept me interested all the way through! I have never been disappointed by this author and her writing.

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