Sunday, August 19, 2012

AND BABY MAKES FIVE by Debra Clopton

This is another adorable story in the Mule Hollow series. The back of the book says it well, "Two stubborn humans, his dog, her donkey . . and a brand-new baby". Who would ever guess that a donkey named Samantha would be such fun to read about. She had me laughing out loud. And what fun to watch two stubborn people try to hold back their feelings for each other and just be "neighbors". Cort Wells just wants to left alone and Lilly Tipps grew up by her grannies thinking all men are no good, so it will take the donkey to bring them together. A lovely and fun romance!

Although these books I am reading are all a part of the Mule Hollow Series you can read them as a stand alone without any trouble, although they do mention the town and characters from the stories before this one. And they have all been good stories, so start at the beginning and grow to love the folks of Mule Hollow!

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