Saturday, August 25, 2012


Another fun and delightful story taking place in Mule Hollow, a matchmaking haven for the romantic at heart. This story centers around the reporter, Molly Popp who writes an article on the "marraige-worthiness" of a local rancher, Bob Jacobs. He is not exactly thrilled with the article Molly wrote, nor the overwhelming responses he is getting, via mail and in person. When trouble strikes and Bob gets hurt, Molly, who feels guilty for what happened, steps in and helps Bob out. You know what is going to happen next don't you!

This was fun to watch Bob and Molly try to get along with each other, without falling in love with each other, when they both know it won't work out for them. I liked the way the author very naturally writes into her story lessons to learn and truths to trust in as a Christian. Very well done each and every time. This book is in a series, this being #4, and so far they have all been enjoyable, fun and easy to read. I recommend you begin with #1 ("The Trouble with Lacy Brown") and get to know the town of Mule Hollow and the people who live there

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