Thursday, August 16, 2012


This is an author that knows how to write a story that takes you on a real adventure, where you never know what will befall the characters next! This is my second book by Erin Rainwater and I couldn't read the story fast enough. I will definately be looking out for more of this author's work to read!

This is a story of Mandy and Dakota, two people from very different backgrounds, who find themselves thrown together and must find confidence in God's workmanship in their lives, whether they can recognize it at times in their life or not. They will become secure in their relationship and will "need not fear any terror by night, nor arrow that flieth by day".

Mandy is on her way home to Colorado when her stagecoach stops at a waystation. Things happen, she gets "captured" by Indians and this is where she meeets Dakota. He is a "half-breed" who falls in love with Mandy and seeks to get her home to her family. But WOW, stuff happens and I couldn't believe all the things taking place in this couples life. Through it all though is this love for one another that could not be broken. There are not many stories that have me stopping in the middle of my day to read, but this one had me hooked. A great historical, action packed adventure with a truly special love story.

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