Thursday, August 9, 2012

MORNING'S REFRAIN by Tracie Peterson

This was another historical, romantic adventure story set in the land of Sitka, Alaska. It is book two in the 'Song of Alaska Series' and does a great job of continuing the saga of the Gray-Lundquist family. I have always enjoyed stories set in Alaska and Tracie Peterson does a good job of giving you the chance to feel and read what life was like in Sitka in the late 1800's.

This story begins with Dalton Lundquist, now a grown up man who is beginning to question his family background and the dark family secrets. He has a close friend Yuri, a desire to begin his own boat building business and a special interest in the new young lady who has just moved to Sitka with her family, Phoebe Robbins.

Phoebe is not very excited about her family's move to Alaska but she is excited about her growing feelings for Dalton. But as in all good stories there are conflicts, heartaches and struggles to work through. I like the way this author beautifully weaves in throughout her stories the dependency and help we all need from God and His word.

I look forward to finishing this series by reading "Twilight's Serenade" next! Could these stories be read as stand alones? Yes. Would I recommend doing that? No.
I also really appreciate the care and attention given to each of the book covers in this series. They just draw you in and say, "read me".

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