Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A SHORT NOTE THAT DOES NOT RELATE TO A BOOK I HAVE READ - but about a day I would like to share and express my thankfulness!

 In this day and age of everyone giving their critique of books, movies, restaurants  or hotels (and many times they list what they didn’t like about a certain hotel or restaurant) I would like to take the time to tell you of my experience with Delta airlines and the Detroit airport. 
Now the folks I will refer to will probably never read this, but it is worth sharing because at the time it meant a lot to me and my husband.  Here is the scenario:  My husband and I got on a plane this morning to visit our newest grandson in Pittsburgh, PA.  Now although I have learned to “endure” flying, which is a big improvement from my earlier years of being in panic mode when I had to get on a plane, the first “leg” of our journey found me not feeling so good (and I still don’t do restrooms on the plane – I stay in my seat with my seat-belt on!).  So by the time we landed in Detroit I was feeling miserable and needed to find a “ladies room” and quick!  The problem was we were a little late landing and getting off the plane, plus the next gate we needed to be at was quite a walk, then a tram, and then more walking/running to catch the next flight.  Needless to say I didn't make it all the way and found myself sick in the bathroom.  My husband made it to the boarding desk (it was a Delta flight) and they said we had one minute to board.  Since I was in the ladies room, this was not happening.  After explaining the situation to the ladies, they were very kind and considerate and told my husband that they would book us on the next flight out to Pittsburgh with no extra fees.  Then they proceeded to get me a Ginger Ale and a wheel chair to take me to our new gate.  These ladies could not have been more considerate or kind if they had tried and I would just say to Delta, “these ladies would make me pick Delta every time”.  (They also gave us great seats on that new flight, the best we have ever had, with lots of leg room).  Even the gentleman that wheeled me to our next gate was very kind and considerate.  I was just so thankful, but so sick!
 After sitting around for an hour, eating crackers and ginger ale we decided I should probably eat something, so we walked down to an Einstein Bakery store and I got some hot tea and a muffin.  The ladies that waited on us were very nice also (way to go Detroit) and when they asked me if I was having a good day and I said no, we missed our flight because I got sick, they looked genuinely concerned for me and wanted me to drink my tea and get better soon.  I just want to say to Delta and the Detroit airport, thank you so much for your “tender loving care” of me and my husband.  You took a terrible, very bad day and turned it into a kind and compassionate experience. 
We finally made it to our son’s home, my stomach is feeling much better, and we are enjoying quality time with our son, daughter-in-law and two precious grandchildren and thanking the Lord for how He has worked all things out for good.  There really are people out there who go above and beyond the call of duty and to those folks I want to just say THANK YOU!  You never know what a blessing you are.
We have 3 days to go and then it is back to the airport.  I am already praying for a much more uneventful flight home.  

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