Sunday, October 14, 2012

This was a good story, filled with many interesting people.  It told a story of romance and mystery and was written in a time when not all people were accepted for who they were as a person, but by the color of their skin.  The author did a great job of bringing her characters to life, like you knew them personaly, so it was nice to know in the "author's letter" at the end of the book that she wrote about a real lady in history.

Bertha Biddle is a young lady in love with handsome Thad.  Thad is in love with Bertha.  The problem is Thad is leaving town soon for military school, and can't seem to get around to telling Bertha and doesn't feel like he can ask her to wait for him till he comes back.  It makes for a little tension in their relationship.  Then there is a new lady who comes to town who Bertha befriends.  Most folks in Jefferson, Texas would think she is an unsavory companion for Bertha to associate with, but she is also a hard lady to not like being around.  Then there is a murder, an almost hanging and a twist of fate at the end that will change two peoples lives in a big way.

This book had more than one story to tell and more than one lesson to learn.  I enjoyed reading this story, although I will say it started off a little slow for me.  It had a good Christian emphasis to it, where folks had to live what they believed.  But all folks struggle sometimes and these folks were no different in that area.  This is book one in the Texas Furtunes Trilogy and I look forward to book 2, Chasing Charity.

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