Monday, October 29, 2012

This was a fast paced romantic adventure that captures your attention on the first pages and keeps you entertained until the end.  Although I would not label this a "Christian Romance", which is what I mostly read, it is a "clean" romance story.  It has alot of suspense and some danger in it, but I felt it was a fun story to read because the main character, Eliie, is such an easy person to love and enjoy reading about.  She is a character who talks alot when she is nervous or scared and since she was scared alot, she tended to talk alot and it was really fun to watch how Slade handled it all.

Ellie is on Bella Isla as a governess to a very important man on Bella Isla.  She overhears something she shouldn't about a revolution and finds herself fleeing her employer.  She runs into an Amercian, Slade, at a cafe and uses her charms to get                                   him to take her to his lodging and away from the men following her.  When the revolution begins Slade thinks the bad guys are after him and since Ellie fears if she tells him the truth he will "ditch her", she lets him think the worst as he tries to get himself and Ellie out of the country.  I loved Ellie's take on Slade throughout the story and the attraction they both have for each other.  This is a good romantic adventure movie begging to be made.

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