Saturday, October 20, 2012

This was book two in the Texas Fortunes Trilogy and I liked it better than book one.  I liked how you stepped right into the story with the aftermath of a wedding that didn't happen.  This story picks up years later from book one, so you can easily read it as a stand alone, but I wouldn't because you miss alot of background in the lives of the two older ladies, Bertha and Magda.
Charity Bloom's fiance leaves her stranded at the alter and her best friend, Emily Dane, leaves the church with him.  Charity is trying to get over her humiliation when a handsome stranger, Buddy Pierce, comes to town and finds oil on her Mom's land.  He also finds Charity to be a woman he could easily fall in love with.  Hold on to your seats because the romance, deception, schemes and manipulation really start to  weave its way throughout this story.  It was an ending where I didn't want to close the book until the finish!  I am looking foward to reading book three in this series, "Emmy's Equal".   Just as a side note, the only thing I had a hard time wrapping my mind around was how the author had Bertha turning out in book two.  That is not the way I would have pictured her in her later years, a lttle rough around the edges.  Other than that I say, enjoy!

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