Monday, October 22, 2012

This was a good series, well the your time to read.  Emmy's Equal is the third book in this series and you can read it as a stand alone, but you will miss alot of the background on the characters if you don't read them in the order they were written.  This is a western romance with a good Christian emphasis.  As you get near the end, hang on to your seats, because alot happens and happens fast.  This book took a turn at the end that I was not expecting, which is something I always enjoy.
Emmy Dane is trying to trust God with her life, but she does have a headstrong and stubborn personality that she is constantly trying to control.  She starts out in her home town, Humble, Texas, wanting to go visit her best friend in St. Louis, but ends up traveling with her parents to Carrizo Springs, Texas to check on some cattle.  She isn't a "happy camper" and when she first meets handsome Diego in Carrizo Springs it is a meeting neither one of them will quickly forget.  Their feelings for each other though strong, seem to have people and circumstances keeping them apart.  There are many interesting interactions and feelings going on between good friends and between parents and their grown-up children.  I liked the way the author brought them all together at the end.  You will experience stampedes, wildfires, and much more as you read this very well written story of a "strong-willed city girl" who meets her match in a "stubborn vaquero".  Enjoy!

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