Monday, November 5, 2012

An excellent story with unexpected twists and turns, especially near the end!  It was a story of what happens when a good marraige gets "ugly" and of how having the Lord to lean on can change the course of things.  This story was about real people to me and real struggles they were going through.

Tony and Linda had what they thought was the perfect marriage.  They loved each other, they had two adorable little ones and were making it in the work-a-day world.  But what Linda wasn't counting on was the interference of her mother-in-law in their life and the way Tony let his mother "rule the roost".  When their marraige is stretched to the limit, an unexpected tragedy occurs and God is able to work it out for their good and His glory.  This was a book that touched my heart and will stay with me for quite awhile.  It is a tender love story between husband and wife, but also between God and his children.

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