Thursday, November 1, 2012

The author writes in her letter at the end of the book, "My goal has been to write timeless stories of lasting values, I want to preserve our culture and history and the beauty of our landscape, but most of all I like to reflect the southerner's love of God, country, family and fellowman."  This is my first book by this author and I must say she hit her goal.  You got alot of attention to detail and descriptions of the culture and history of the South; sometimes maybe a little too much for my personal interest.  I did enjoy the story, but didn't fall in love with the story.

The story takes place in Eufula, Alabama, a small town where the steamboats come through to deliver people and merchandise to the town.  It is a time when parents and society determines who you can and cannot marry.

 Lily would be considered a "southern belle".  She finds herself instantly attracted to a steamboat captain, Harrison Wingate, but her parents have determined she will marry some else, someone she does not love.  So the conflict begins.  I felt I learned alot about the deep South, but didn't learn as much about the characters in this story.  There were times when I was very captivated by the story and other times I was just reading to get to the next "good part".  There are 5 stories in this series and I would probably read the others if and when they come across my path.  I would certainly like to see what happens to Emma, a good friend of Lily in this story.

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