Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another enjoyable story in the Dry Creek Series.  Les Wilkerson is the Deputy Sheriff who has to figure out an unusual theft in their small town.  The problem is, the suspicion lies with a new family who just moved in, Marla Gossett and her two kids.  Marla moved her family to Dry Creek hoping to give them a "safe haven" from the city and from her oldest, Sammy, getting involved in the gangs.  Les would like to get to know Marla in a more personal way, but he has to guard his heart in case this family is mixed up in drugs, gangs and stealing.  The whole town comes together once again and you find yourself loving the folks in Dry Creek, Montana.

This was an easy and quick read.  It had a good lesson on not prejudging people and loving folks where they are and excepting them for who they are.  Could be read as a stand alone, but you miss out on getting to know the town folks by not reading the books in the order they were written.

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