Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This was four delightful romantic stories about 4 Ozark Mountain brothers who don't go looking for love, but find it nonetheless.  I liked all four stories and as the family grew, so did the fun and enjoyment.
Cade the oldest brother is trying hard to run a ranch for troubled boys and keep his mind off Annalisa, who is helping him at the ranch, but for ulterior motives.  She if hoping she can get Cade to help her find her long lost sister, since he also runs an investigating company.
Senator Holt McFadden is the second brother in the family and he is smitten with Megan Watson and her daughter, but Megan has an ugly past and she can't let her past ruin Holt's career.
Clint McFadden is the next brother.  He has left his job as a firefighter and finds himself rescueing Jessa Sykes from her home being engulfed in flames.  Clint now has to face his fear of fire and face the fact he is falling for Jessa.
Jake is the youngest McFaddon brother and he finds himself saving stranded Brandi Delaney from a flood that has swept her car away.  Having known each other for one year in high school, which didn't go well, they are back face to face and have to figure out why there is such a dislike for each other.
I enjoyed reading each story.  They were short and easy to read, but you felt like each story was well developed and finished well.  Each story emphasized the importance of having a right relationship with the Lord and how He can work things out for good.

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