Monday, November 26, 2012

This story is a very tender hearted look at how a young girl, who is dying of a cruel disease can take  heartache and sorrow and turn it into love and forgiveness for two very special people in her life.   I loved this girl's testimony for her Lord throughout this story and shed tears near the end of this book.  Although you can read this as a stand alone, to really understand all the characters in this story I highly recommend you read "A Rush of Wings" first.
Morgan Spencer in a man who seems to have it all in life; money,  a highly successful career, a family who is always there for him, and a heart that seeks to help others.  But one thing he thinks he can never have is the child his "one true love"  aborted 15 years ago.  His anger over this seems to be his driving force in life.  Jill Runyan is the girl he has always loved, but who he can never forgive for what she did.  The problem is, through circumstances you will have to read about, she never did abort the child but gave it up for adoption.  Now "their" child needs them for a bone marrow transplant in order to live.  This will bring Jill and Morgan back together to save a child's life they have always loved, but never have gotten to know.  It is an emotional struggle for all involved.
I was very taken with the feelings that Jill and Morgan still had for each other after all the years apart.  I also appreciated the tender love they had for their child, even though they had nothing to do with her upbringing.  This was a very moving and tender love story and it was hard to put down and walk away from, because I wanted to know how it would end.  I would highly recommend this series of stories, and I haven't even read the third book yet (but I am going to start book 3 "The Breath of Dawn" as soon as I finish here).  Good job Kristen Heitzmann!

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