Friday, November 2, 2012

I am enjoying this Dry Creek Series and this is another fun to read story in this series. Doris June Hargrove and Curt Nelson tried to elope 25 years ago and crashed their truck into the only stop sign in Dry Creek on their way out of town. This led to to their parents keeping them apart. Now, after 25 years, Mrs. Hargrove and and Curt's Dad, Charley, want to try and fix their children's lives once again by getting them back together again. But since neither Doris June or Curt have really talked in 25 years, it is an uphill battle, but fun to watch and read about.

Mrs. Hargrove and Charley are folks you really get to know as you read this series. So if this is a book you are reading as a stand alone, you will miss out alot on getting to know these two folks. It was a story of forgiveness and letting go, of admitting mistakes and loving others through those mistakes.

As a side note, I also liked the whole tourist attraction idea presented in this book for small towns who need help with attracting tourists. It was called the "Stop at One-Stop-Sign Towns in Southern Montana" and each town listed reasons or history or stories that would attract people to stop in and see their small town. It was a cute idea.

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