Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warren Wiersbe writes an easy to understand book about Satan and the strategy he uses in the world today.  He backs up his thoughts with scripture, which is always a plus.  He starts his book by using key characters in the Bible and showing us how Satan works as a deceiver, a destroyer, a ruler and an accuser in people's lives.  He finishes his book showing us how to live by faith in God, giving us things to look for in our lives and in our churches where Satan can have an influence, and how to fight against him using our spiritual warfare.  I took lots of notes and have reviewed them and have a wealth of practical knowlege that I need to remember and use in my everyday life.  Satan is alive and well and working, but I need not fear because I have the power of my triune God who goes before me, beside me and behind me.  But I do need to be on my guard against "The Strategy of Satan".  A book I highly recommend.

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