Monday, July 11, 2011

The MARK of SALVATION by Carol Umberger

This is book 3 in the Scottish Crown Series and so far I have enjoyed them all and have not grown tired of reading this series. There is one more book to read in this series and I am looking forward to reading it. Carol Umberger, the author, does a superb job of taking the Scottish history in the early 1300’s, when Scotland was trying to break free from England, and creating a story line that is full of war and adventure, but also of love and loyalty.

This story is about Lady Orelia Radbourne who thinks her and her husband will soon claim a new estate from the spoils, when the English defeat the Scots in a final battle. But at the end of the day she will find her husband dead and she a prisoner in the hands of the Scots. Ceallach, a man you come to know in the previous books, is a warrior who struggles with all the suffering and and pain he has endured in his life. He must keep Lady Orelia at his new estate until she can be traded with the English. Ceallach finds himself taking on a job and responsibilities he has never thought he would like and in the process also finding himself caring for a woman as he never thought he would do. It is an endearing story as you learn so much about Ceallach and watch him change and learn to love. Lady Orelia has a heart for God and it is good to see how she maintains her walk with Him despite all she has gone through. They form a friendship that withstands the test of time, because tested they will both be.

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