Saturday, July 16, 2011

SIERRA by Shari MacDonald

This was a story of Celia Randall; a lady who has lost loved ones and feels that God is playing a cruel game with her. She travels to Calinfornia with her dog Hank for a photography assignment and finds herself in a like/hate relationship with her new boss Marcus Stratton. She refuses to accept a close relationship with anyone so she won't ever be hurt again. And the rest of the story you can pretty well figure out.

I must admit there were parts in this story that did not hold my attention, but then I would come across another section that had me smiling and enjoying myself. I appreciated the insights that Celia's "friends" had regarding her misplaced thoughts on God. The author did a good job of answering some of Celia's questions about how she viewed God and for that reason alone I would encourage people to read this story. It was a quick read for me and although it had its slow moments, overall it was an enjoyable story.

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