Thursday, July 21, 2011

MILAGRO for MIRANDA by Bonnie Blythe

I have never been disappointed reading a story by Bonnie Blythe and this book was another winner. It had a very unique beginning to it and from there it just kept getting more complicated and interesting. Miranda Adams finds herself in a dilemma and needs a miracle (milagro) to help her out of the many situations she finds herself in. And Spencer Meyers in the last person she is expecting to help her. They set off to Mexico City to find Miranda's half-sister which she has just discovered she has. Spencer and Miranda need alot of help in the "get along" department, but they eventually work out their differences and come to understand each other. I enjoyed their interaction throughout the story. There was action, adventure and romance in this story and also a good lesson on the love and forgiveness one will find when they lay their burdens down at the foot of the cross. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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