Friday, July 1, 2011

A SUITOR FOR JENNY by Margaret Brownley

This was book two in the Rocky Creek Romance Series. I had previously read book #1 and book #3. I am a big believer in reading a series in the order they were written in so you get to know and understand all the characters within the series. You can however read these books in any order and still enjoy them.

This story was about Jenny Higgins and her two sisters who arrive in Rocky Creek having read that it had the highest number of eligible bachelors. Jenny is looking for husbands for her two sisters that she has had to raise and she is going by the book, "The Complete and Authoritative Manual for Attracking and Procuring a Husband" book. She has her two sisters to contend with, who don't exactly like the method Jenny is using, the townsfolk who are on edge by her tactics and the town's US Marshal Rhett Armstrong, who is having a hard time keeping the peace in town now that they have arrived and in keeping his heart from falling in love with the headstrong and opiniated young lady, Jenny.

This was a fun and enjoyable story. It is lighthearted for the most part, but does deal with characters who have flaws and problems to work through. I think the whole series is well worth the time and enjoyment you will experience having read them.

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