Monday, July 11, 2011

THE PRICE OF FREEDOM by Carol Umberger

Carol Umberger has written another great story in the Scottish Crown Series! I didn’t think book 2 would be as good as book one, but this story was just as good, if not better.
This story is written in the early 1300’s when the Scots under Robert the Bruce are struggling to gain freedom from England. Now to some, like me, that may not sound like an era you would be interested in, but trust me, the story line is captivating.
Countess Kathryn de Lindsay has just lost her father and she desperately needs a protector from an English nobleman who wants her for her land. Although she thought he loved her, she soon discovers he is not the man she thought he was. Along comes what she thinks is her enemy, Bryan Mackintosh who takes over her home and village as they surrender to the Scots. Neither Bryan nor Kathryn want to admit the attraction each of them have for each other. There is mistrust, resentment and also longing, which makes for a great interaction between these two people. (There is also a great battle between England and the Scots throughout this story if you are into that too.)
I once again read this story quickly as it just captivated me and held my interest throughout the book. A lot of times when an author writes a series one or more books will be a little weaker than another. So far the first two books in this series have been equally beyond my expectations! Now I am on to book three!

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