Monday, March 4, 2013

AMY'S PROMISE by Doris Christian-Bernhardt

All I can say is fasten your seat belts when you start this book, because you are in for a ride where the twists and turns never stop until you finish the final page. You will travel from Montana to Maryland, from England to Ireland and back.  There is so much happening in this story that I couldn't begin cover it all in my book description.

Amy Moss is the main character in this story and what she goes through in her young life would seem unreal, but the author paints the picture of her life in a very realistic way.  Amy starts out in Montana where she finds herself alone after the tragic death of her husband.  Her parents disowned her when she married "beneath her" and Amy must learn to survive on her own.  With the help of friends in Montana her life goes on, but she is suddenly called home to Virginia when her sister sends word her father has died.  From there Amy will continue to have her ups and downs and continue to find people who will love her and take care of her.  But it seems every step of the way Amy will face tragedy and heartache.  Through the tragedy and uncertainties you will see that God can and will work in her and through her and give her what is best as she fully trusts Him.

This was a book that kept you wondering what could possibly happen next.  I can't begin to explain all that went on inside the covers of this book.  The author did an excellent job of keeping this fast paced story easy to follow and to read.  Amy was a joy to know; a strong young woman who was a survivor, yet a tender woman who was easy to fall in love with, as many men did in this story.  Although I thought at one time I knew how this story would end, the author surprised me with how and who Amy would give her heart to.  Get ready for a wild ride!

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Sherry Kuhn said...

It is quite a ride! Glad you enjoyed it! Great review, Judy!