Thursday, March 21, 2013

THE SISTER WIFE by Diane Noble

This was a well written story that dealt with the early days of the Mormon church.  A story of one woman's struggle to deal with her love for her family and learning to accept those things of her religion that she knows in her heart are not right.  Mary Rose finds herself thrust into the sect known as the "Saints" when her and her grandfather set sail for the Americas.  On board she meets and falls in love with and marries Gabe and together they both start out as new members of this sect, seeking to obey its leaders.  On board Mary Rose also meets and becomes best friends with Bronwyn and her husband and child.

Now what should Mary Rose do when her best friends husband has died and your husband is told to take another wife, your best friend.  Can Mary Rose really be married to a man she loves with all her heart, and have her best friend also married to this same man?  The battle and conflicts she faces are very real to her, but I must say that this story angered me and left me just shaking my head at how sad these people are and how deceptive people can be.  The author did a great job of making these folks seem like real people who are trying their hardest to stay true to their sect.  The men that led this group of people will some day have to give an account to a holy and righteous God on how they distorted God's holy word and tried to be as important as God to these people.  It was so sad to read this story, but so well done that I had a hard time putting it down; I kept hoping that Mary Rose would leave these people.  There are more books in this series, but I will be honest with you, I don't know if I can read more of this family without getting really mad at the foolishness of accepting a lifestyle that is wrong for so many reasons.

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