Sunday, March 24, 2013

GONE WEST by Kathleen Karr

If you want a good story on a wagon train going West and the hardships and trials they faced, then you will like this book.  It takes place in the mid 1800s and centers around Johnny and Meg Stuart, with their adopted little boy, Jamie and their new baby girl Charlotte.  They start off on their adventure to Oregon and have their good times and bad times.  Johnny has such an adventurous spirit, which is why they are taking this trip across the country.  Meg is a lady who has a heart for people, who loves her family and is willing to endure alot of hard times without complaint (wish I could be more like her sometimes).  As in all wagon trains you have your folks who are easy to get along with and those who don't seem to like anybody.  You have the Indians to deal with, along with the weather and everything in between.  I thought it was a realistic look at how it was to travel by wagon across this great country.  It held my attention all the way through and I will look forward to reading more of this family's adventures in other stories in this series.

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