Sunday, March 10, 2013


                          Description of the story from the back of the book (they did a great job of summarizing this story): "The Montana territory was supposed to be the land of dreams for Elizabeth O'Brien.  But when influenza claims her husband and baby, Elizabeth doesn't know if she can go on.  Then a stranger approaches her with a plea she can't ignore.  Jake Hargrove is desperate.  His brother's death left him in charge of his two part-Sioux nieces - one an infant.  Jake knows the baby can't survive the harsh western winter without a wet nurse.  A Marriage of convenience with this grieving mother seems to be the only answer."

I enjoyed the story line and getting to watch Jake and Elizabeth get to know and appreciate one another and stand up for one another during difficult situations.  You know this marriage of convenience will end up as a marriage with love in it, but it was a pleasure watching how it all came together.

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