Saturday, March 2, 2013

STUPID CUPID by Lisa J. Crane

A lighthearted novella that is easy and quick to read and leaves you feeling good after having read it.  This is my first book by Lisa Crane and I like her style of writing and will be reading more of her work.  You know exactly how this story will end, but it sure is fun to watch how it all happens.

Casey is a teacher, and when one of her students, Hunter, isn't picked up after school, Casey takes Hunter to his house.  She finds Blake Sullivan, Hunter's uncle,  passed out on the couch.  Hunter's little brother, Toby is crying on the floor and the house is a mess.  Casey's first impressions aren't good, but when she realizes Blake is sick and running a high fever, she helps him to bed, cleans up around the house and takes care of the two adorable kids.  When Blake wakes up he isn't exactly pleasant to Casey and their relationship is off to a rocky start.  Blake and Casey both come to terms; neither one of them are interested in the other, but for the sake of the kids, agree to be friends.  It is fun watching this "friendship" grow.  Casey has a good friend AJ and  I really liked how these two had a great friendship and could tease each other; and  Blake's Mom was also a great lady.  This is just a sweet romantic short story that leaves you closing the book with a smile on your face.

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