Monday, March 25, 2013


This story begins around 1890, but it will take you through the years as you follow Kit, who is a little girl who is sent West on the Orphan Train.  It gives you a real feel for what some of these little boys and girls must have gone through in this time in history. Not everyone got chosen into a good and loving home, and Kit is one of those "unlucky" ones.  But she will thrive regardless of her circumstances and her loyalty to her "adopted" mother is quite rare.  You will follow Kit through to her young adulthood, where you will see that Kit's "dreams of a longing heart" really will come true.

This story is one of three books in this trilogy.  I started out reading book 2 first, and I know from reading this story who the other 2 girls are from the orphan train that stayed friends with Kit as they were growing up.  I don't feel like I missed anything by reading book 2 first, but I am looking forward to going back and reading book one next, which is "Homeward the Seeking Heart".   Although this story did have some romance in it, to me it was a story of the life of one young girl and how she made something of herself and didn't let her circumstances control her destiny.

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