Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HIGH DESERT HAVEN by Lynnette Bonner

This was just a good western romance, set in the late 1800s, where the bad guys are picking on a lovely widow and they want her land, and along comes the good guy, who helps her save the ranch.  Although you might figure out how it will end, it will nevertheless hold your attention as you watch it all unfold.

Nikki is a lady who doesn't scare easily.  She and her small son find themselves alone when their husband dies suddenly in a freak accident.  Her ranch is about to be turned over to the bank unless she can find some money and quickly.  Jason Jordan, who you might remember from book one in this series,  finds himself answering Nikki's advertisement for a foreman at her ranch.  There is an instant attraction between these two, but someone else has an interest in Nikki and sets out to make Jason look bad.  In the end, good will prevail, but you have to go through some rough situations before the end happens.  So saddle up and hit the trail for an enjoyable romantic western.

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