Monday, March 18, 2013

DMZ by Jeanette Windle

Another realistic story by Jeanette Windle that leaves you thinking that this could truly happen.  It is a story of deep intrigue in the heart of Columbia, South America in the heart of the jungle.  The quote on the back of the book and in the story is one that sticks out in my mind as I finish this story, "Those who are not willing to bleed and die for what they hold dear will always be held hostage by those who are."  

When strange things start happening deep in the Colombian demilitarized zone, especially the strange deaths of 3 Americans, there is a contingent of politicians and media that are sent down to investigate.  Julie Baker, who grew up in Columbia with her missionary parents, finds herself returning to her birth place as one of the media people.  She hasn't been back since her parents died down there, helping the people they went there to serve.  Julie is eventually taken hostage by the guerrillas who think she is an American spy.  The real American spy must blow his cover down there and help Julie escape.  They must survive in the jungle and try to figure out what is scaring the tribal people and killing them and who is out to do harm to America.  

This story read like a true story to me, although I know it is a work of fiction, sadly the hatred that some people have for America though is sadly true.  I especially appreciated the author's keen insight into how far off base some of these environmentalist people are when it comes to wanting to save  the tribal people from the "outside world".  This was a book that will keep you thinking about it long after you read it.  I have read alot by this author and have never been disappointed by any of her work.  Another great job!

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