Saturday, December 22, 2012

FALLING IN LOVE by Susette WIlliams

Sometimes you just want to sit back and read a nice relaxing, romantic story that doesn't take to long to read, but leaves you feeling complete and satisfied.  This story did that for me.  It is a book about falling in love, just like the title says.

Katie is studying to be a vet and finds herself going to school, and helping out  Wade McAlester with his veterinarian practice.  Wade has been helping Katie study on the side and they have become good friends; at least that is the way Katie has seen their relationship.  Wade on the other hand has fallen in love, but doesn't want to rush Katie into anything while she is going to school and working for him.  But when Katie starts trying to set him up with dates he gets a little frustrated and finds its time to let Katie know how right they are for one another, without scaring her off.  

It is fun to read and has a very cute romantic ending.  It is book one in  the "Seasons of the Heart" series and I am looking forward to starting book two, Winter Chill next!

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