Sunday, December 2, 2012


This was a story that caught me be surprise near the end (which is usually a good thing).  It is a story of a couple who fall into the category of "opposites attract" because Noella is a journalism professor and a kind hearted, everybody-loves-her type person, and Tom is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a bah-humbug type of guy.  But they meet and fall in love and then have a devastating break-up because of Christmas (I am not going to ruin the surprise of what that involved).  Anyways the rest of the story takes you on a journey that took me by surprise.  It is a very well done story and fun to read around Christmas, but for those who know the true meaning of Christmas, there is nothing mentioned about a babe born in a manger or any other spiritual references.  I read it, enjoyed it, thought it was a cute story, but as fiction goes, realize there is no truth behind this story.  And with that, I will leave you to discover the "mystery" behind this review.

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