Friday, December 28, 2012

FINAL CHANCE by Christina M. Schneider

I love it when a book catches your attention with the very beginning pages and holds it all the way through.  This was such a tender love story about two people who both got a second chance at love and marriage.  A  story that shows how God can take something tragic and turn it into something that turns out to be very good.

Andrew Carson has been divorced from his wife Hayley for 7 years.  When Hayley is in a bad car accident with two of the five children and her life is threatened, Andrew comes to the hospital, and prays for her life to be spared.  He realizes how much he still loves his wife.  When Hayley pulls through, Andrew is her caretaker while she heals, along with taking care of the family (and earning their trust).  Andrew knows he wasn't there for them before, but he is getting a final chance to be a different husband and father.  It was so refreshing to see how much Andrew cared and how he had changed.  And also encouraging to see the forgiveness and love that Hayley had for her husband.  This story is a keeper!  It is my first time reading anything by this author, and I look forward to hopefully reading more by her in the future.

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