Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WINTER CHILL by Susette Williams

Sasha Steinfeld is a student in college who is trying to overcome her past and move on with her future.  She needs help though with trusting again, especially men, and can't get past her fear of them.  But God leads in mysterious ways sometimes.  Sasha finds herself driving back from a hike in a blinding snowstorm, she crashes her car and has to find shelter somewhere.  So she finds a cabin, no one is home and so she starts climbing in a window above the kitchen sink.  She ends up getting stuck in the window.  When Forrest Tucker comes home and sees an intruder stuck in his window he gives her some help and pushes her inside.  He then must convince her to trust him, which does not come easy for Sasha.  This is just the beginning of a relationship that grows into something much more.

I really liked the way this story started and had to laugh at the way these two people finally meet.  I also enjoyed Forrest's idea of helping Sasha out of a bad situation.  They were a fun and delightful couple to get to know.  This is book two in the Seasons of the Heart series.  It could easily be read by itself, but it does mention characters from book one and lets you know a little bit more about what is going on with them.  If you are looking for an entertaining and enjoyable quick read, then I highly recommend "Winter Chill".

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