Thursday, December 6, 2012

PRAIRIE CHRISTMAS Novella by Catherine Palmer, Elizabeth White & Peggy Stoks

This was 3 short stories by three different authors and I enjoyed them all.  The first story, "The Christmas Bride" is part of a series called "A Town Called Hope".  Rolf Rustemeyer anxiously awaits the arrival of his Christmas bride from Germany.  But while he waits he finds more and more to like about his special friend, Lucy, who lives in Hope and runs a bakery.  When Rolf sets out to help Lucy with a difficult situation in her life, they both discover more than friendship.

In "Reforming Seneca Jones"  you will find Annie Fitzgerald who has just arrived in town and finds her brother not there to greet her and help her get settled.  What she does find though is Seneca Jones, a Pony Express rider who is full of life and notorious for breaking ladies hearts.  Seneca never counted on falling in love.

The last story was a very sweet love story about two people that never expected to fall in love so late in life.  Betsy Wilcox is 68 years old and never married.  Her new neighbor is 70 year old Elmore Determann, who has a love of life and for his Lord.  It will take alot for Elmore to win Betsy's heart.  I really enjoyed watching these two folks interact.  Betsy was a fiesty one, but she was no match for Elmore and his "joy of the Lord".

All three stories were vastly different from each other but all three had good lessons to learn and fun romances to read about.

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