Monday, December 31, 2012

THE WINTER PEARL by Molly Noble Bull

A beautiful story of forgiveness and of a life transformed that you thought could never be changed.  A story of hope and love.  The main character, Honor McCall, had a hard life.  But her determination and her seeking for answers resulted in a life she never would have imagined and a love she only dreamed of.

The year is 1888 in Colorado and Honor McCall finds herself escaping her drunken uncle who wants to marry her and abuse her more.  She escapes on a stagecoach and finds herself stuck in a small town called Hearten, recovering from a stagecoach robbery where she was hurt.  The local pastor in town, Jethro Peters, and his Mother who runs a boardinghouse in town takes her in and helps her get well and grow in her understanding of the things of God.  While all this is going on Lucas, her uncle, sets out to find her.  It is a story of Honor and how she learns to care for the people who are helping her and grow in her understanding of the Bible.  But it is also a story of Lucas and how he sinks so low in his life and how someone comes along and shows him the love and understanding he truly needs.

I found myself very interested in these people.  I would not have thought the story line would take the turn it did, but I always enjoy a little surprise when I am reading.  Forgiveness is not an easy task, especially when someone has been treated badly, but the author did a very good job of dealing with the transformation one experiences when they can finally let go of their anger.  I look forward to reading more stories by this author.

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