Thursday, December 20, 2012


A good friend of mine told me that this story would make a great Hallmark movie and as I was reading it I could picture each scene in the movie. It was an endearing story of two people searching for folks from the past to give them a Christmas card that strangely got lost until years later. 

Samantha Sowerman has just moved into an old house being made into apartments.  She lives in the present (2012) but in her mail receives a Christmas card dated from December, 1944.  It was sent to a Bette Larsen from a soldier in the war by the name of Mac Hydberg.  The note on the card leads Samantha on a quest to see if the sender of the card or the lady it was being sent to can be found so she can deliver it to them.  She seeks the help of Tyler Lars, from Veteran Affairs office, who has had to take a "desk job" since being injured in Iraq from a land mine.  Tyler as first doesn't want anything to do with helping Samantha, but her persistance pays off and they begin the search.  As they search, they also begin to get to know one another and so the romance begins.

This book had a nice story line to it and I enjoyed reading of the quest to find these two older folks.  Samantha and Tyler seemed like real people who had a heart for others, although Tyler liked to keep his emotions from showing by seeming harsh and uncaring.  It was a nice story to read around Christmas, and maybe someday I will see it as a Hallmarkc movie!

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