Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is a story that hit home a little with me.  A must read for those women who find themselves way too busy over the Christmas Season.  A story about Rose, a wife and mother who was "so busy doing Christmas, there wasn't time to experience Christmas".  We have probably all been there, but after reading this, I realize I need to just stop doing and start just being with the one(s) I love, and that most definately includes time with my Lord.

Rose found herself volunteering at her church for so many things, that she was neglecting her own family.  They were good "things" to do, but somewhere she lost sight of what is most important.  It would take a minor accident to slow Rose down and let her see she doesn't have to "do it all".  As the saying goes, "Thanks, I needed that".

Make sure you read the article, "Jesus didn't hurry" by Karen Hancock, at the end of the book.  It also was very thought provoking and good.

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