Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FINDING CHRISTMAS by Gail Gaymer Martin

This was a story that had mystery, suspense, danger and loss; but it also had love, romance, forgiveness and hope.  It took you through alot of different emotions and it all takes place around Christmas.
Joanna Fuller was told 3 years ago that her daughter (and her husband) were killed when their car plunged into a lake.  Her husband's body was found in the car but the daughter, Mandy, was never found.  Now 3 years later Joanna starts to have a reawakening of doubts and feels as if her daughter needs her and could still be alive.  Her husband's good friend Ben, who left town shortly after the accident has returned and Joanna feels he is the only one who will listen to her.  Ben tries to help Joanna without letting his feelings for her get in the way.  Then strange phone calls start happening and emails and Ben starts to believe Joanna, that maybe Mandy is still alive.  The unraveling of this mystery leaves you heartbroken for the little girl, but there is hope and rejoicing at the end.
I thought the relationship between Ben and Joanna was very real and precious. They both found strength to help in time of need in their relationship with the Lord.   I also thought the author did a great job of mending the relationship between Joanna and her Mom.   There was alot of tragedy and evil portrayed in the story, so it isn't a "holly, jolly" Christmas story, but it does have a happy ever after ending!  It kept me captivated until the very end!

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Sherri Wilson Johnson said...

I just finished this book and loved it too! Gail did a great job with the suspense!