Saturday, December 15, 2012

FINDING HOME by Marianne Evans

What a great story!  I loved all of the characters and could hear the British accent in Peter and Vanessa's speech as I read.  The ending was so good it just made me want to read the book all over again.  I don't give out alot of 5 star reviews, but this one was a winner.

Alexa Gordon has had a disappointing break-up and now she just wants some joy and fulfillment and happiness in her life, not heartache and self-doubt.  So when she hears from her good friends Vanessa Colby and brother Peter in England (Vanessa was her dorm mate when she studied abroad 3 years ago) she decides to fly back to England for a visit.  When Alexa was in England before, Peter was just a guy that was fun to hang out with, but this time around they both start to realize what they have is more than just friendship.  But Alexa lives in America and Peter in England so Alexa doesn't see how this new relationship could possibly work.  But as the Bible verse at the beginning of this book says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will direct your paths".

What a fun romantic story.  I loved Peter's endearing "Lexie-love" nickname for Alexa.  He was quite the guy and made quite an interesting ending to this story.  I loved everything about the story and it taking place around Christmas made it a perfect to read, with Christmas only days away!


Sherry Kuhn said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to London Judy! ;)

Marianne Evans said...

Hi, Judy - and WOW -- thank you so much for the amazing review of Finding Home. I have to say, your reaction is more than I had dreamed. I had such fun creating this story, and visiting places I love and miss in that fabulous city. I hope my readers felt like they were transported as well, and that they paid a vicarious visit to the UK. You're a blessing, and I'm so appreciative!! Merry Christmas, and 'CHEERS!' :-) Marianne