Monday, December 10, 2012


This is the month of December (when I generally just read "Christmas" stories), and this is another nice story that takes place around the Christmas season.  Dr. Grant Hardesty finds himself in Button Gap for the month of December working at a clinic as a volunteer doctor.  He is not doing this clinic work because of his love of people, but so that it will look good on his resume.  Maggie Davis is the nurser at the clinic and doesn't care for this new doctor very much and would really like to see him leave.  Maggie has a secret she (and the whole town) is keeping and she doesn't trust the doctor to go along with this secret.  But God works in mysterious ways and He will work it all out for good this Christmas in Button Gap.
This was a nice story to read around the holidays.  It brings a family together for Christmas which always makes you feel good.

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